Jewelry Disclaimer And Care

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER! We ask that you pay attention to the material of the jewelry you are purchasing from us to ensure you are not allergic to any metals. We will not be responsible for any allergic reactions. Please remember these jewelry pieces are for style and are costume jewelry (and are not real). ‘Diamonds’/ Diamonds are Rhinestones.

WARNING! Keep small jewelry pieces out of reach of small children. Also, see below regarding the packaging some jewelry and products may come in as it is better to be safe than sorry.

Let us start by saying that MOST jewelry eventually tarnishes to some degree – real or costume, so it is all in how you care for your jewelry. We are saying this from experience (having expensive jewelry tarnish on us). We try to sell jewelry pieces that are fun, unique, and not easily available in stores.

We want our consumers to be happy with their purchase and keep their jewelry in good condition for as long as they can, so we have gathered some tips below on how to preserve your jewelry. Please note that this is not a one-size-fits-all method, but people have had success using these methods. Also, the jewelry is not real, so it will not last forever. USE THESE TIPS/METHODS WITH DISCRETION AND AT YOUR OWN RISK.


Jewelry Care Tips:

  1. Do not sleep in the jewelry or wear it every day
  2. Avoid extreme sweating or high temperatures
  3. Avoid bathing in or taking a shower in your jewelry
  4. Avoid extreme humidity and chemicals
  5. Use a wipe cloth
  6. Store your product separately in a sealed box or sealed bag to avoid oxidation


Please be advised that the jewelry you may see on may not look the same size or quality in person. Though we always look to show it to you in its truest and best possible light.


Try using a Q-tip or toothbrush to clean the jewelry. These common products most people have in their homes work well to get at tough-to-clean crevices or around gemstones. You could also try a magic eraser.

  • Your Q-Tip should start to show signs of dirt and grime removal. The end of it should start to get dirty.
  • Please make sure the toothbrush is new and that it hasn’t been used before. You don’t want to transfer material on an old toothbrush onto the jewelry. Obviously, please don’t use the toothbrush again after you use it to clean jewelry.[4]
  • Rub the dry soft toothbrush or Q-Tip on the jewelry to remove verdigris. Verdigris is the green gunk that builds up on some costume jewelry. Q-Tips and soft toothbrushes are a bit more abrasive when they’re dry, so they may do a better job of scraping off the gunk. If you still can’t get it off, try using a toothpick.


Try using lemon on the costume jewelry. Lemon has been used for a long time to rid jewelry of the oxide layer that forms on metals over time. You might want to add a little baking soda to the lemon.

  • Lemon is a natural acid, and rubbing a half-cut lemon on jewelry can hasten the process of cleaning. You can put the silver jewelry in a cup of lemonade with some salt for a night. Lemon works especially well on silver.[6]
  • You could juice a lemon on a small plate, and then rub this juice over the jewelry that you intend to clean, and then use a rough cloth (or scotch bright) to rub vigorously against the jewelry.


Try using white vinegar and water solution. Soak the jewelry in the solution, and then use a soft toothbrush to get into corners and holes.[7]

  • Cleaning fake jewelry in vinegar can leave the chains shiny. The soft bristle toothbrush can help if the jewelry contains gems by getting in cracks. You can simply apply the vinegar to a sponge and use it to clean the jewelry.
  • Another natural product that can be used to clean jewelry is olive oil. Olive oil will make it shine, but make sure to wash it off. You could also use a dental tablet and dissolve it in water. Then, let the jewelry soak for a bit and scrub gently with a toothbrush.


Try using toothpaste. There are many different cleaning products around the house that people often use to clean fake jewelry. Lens cleaner and toothpaste can be effective on some costume jewelry.

  • Toothpaste is less problematic when it comes to cleaning jewelry. Just apply the toothpaste to a brush and rub it on the piece of jewelry. This method can be used in different forms of fake jewelry, such as bracelets. SOURCE