Frequently Asked Questions

How to search for products?

Search for products by entering the product name or keyword into the Search Bar at the top of any page. Try to enter a general description. The more keywords you use, the fewer products you will get on the results page. When you find a product you’re interested in, click the product name or the product image for more details.

Why should I buy from vs. a more known outlet? 

We put a lot of pride in what we put out. Think of yourself as part of an exclusive club of people who want to be unique. Everything thing that we feature has a uniqueness of its own. Our pieces and products are hand-selected and shipped from the U.S.

We may be ‘smaller’ or ‘lesser’ known, but you will get BIG customer service, and we can promise that.

Will you run specials, and why don’t you offer 10% or 20% off for first-time users?

Offering free all-around shipping seemed like a better offering to our customers. Offering free shipping on ANY item costs us more, but we feel it is worth it; therefore, this is why we opted out of providing a one-time 10% or 20% off. We allow our customers to order ANYTHING and get free shipping. This comes in handy when you do not want to spend a lot to get the option of free shipping.

Yes, of course, we will be running specials! For our frequent customers, you will receive a Melyuan’s Collection Reward Card to get discounts on products after so many purchases.

What do you mean by FREE No-Minimum Shipping in the USA?

Most online stores allow free shipping once you have spent over a certain amount (usually $75 or more). At, we decided that shipping should not be once you have spent up to an amount because people may want to get (or can only afford) one item but want hassle-free shipping. We operate how we would like to be treated, and this is something we wish more online shops considered when we are making purchases ourselves. Please know this is for our standard shipping. Items may ship separately as they are ready (If you order multiple items).


What if I want to get expedited shipping?

If you want to get your order faster, please get in touch with us first before ordering at [email protected], and someone will take care of you. There is an additional fee for this (this is not covered in free shipping).


I am an International customer – why do we have to contact you first and pay for shipping?

COVID has made things extremely unpredictable. Therefore, we want to make sure you will be adequately serviced. It is a lot more work for us to do things this way, but we do not want you to order a product to find out we cannot get it delivered to your location.

Regarding free shipping, we would love to offer EVERYONE free shipping, but unfortunately, when shipping overseas, the cost is a lot more. We are only charging for the cost to ship the item. Contact us at [email protected], and we will get you squared away.

How are shipping costs calculated?

Shipping costs are calculated based on the shipping method (air, sea, or land) and product weight/volume.

Do you accept COD (Cash On Delivery) /CashApp?

For now, we will say yes; however, you will need to contact us at [email protected] /or via DM if you were connecting with us via Instagram first before this method is selected so that we can make sure your order is successfully placed (We must receive the CashApp payment first, then you can walk through the steps to place the order on the site). FREE SHIPPING STILL APPLIES (EVEN IF YOU ARE IN PHILADELPHIA). ALL U.S. CUSTOMERS HAVE THIS OPTION. You will receive an invoice/receipt (in your package) and a tracking number via email for your package once it is mailed.

We reserve the right to decline this method at any time (this method is offered because we realize some people do not use or have credit cards). We will use discretion with these methods. Thank you for being so understanding.


Do you take back damaged items?

YES, when you obtain your package from us, we take back damaged items if received that way. We ask that you take a photo right away of the damaged item (and send it to us based on what is listed on our return policy page). We never want anyone stuck with a damaged item. We take photos of all items we ship out before they are sent, so we often know the item’s condition and an issue during transit.

Would you paraphrase your return policy?

In a nutshell, if you receive an item from us and it is damaged, labeled wrong, or an issue from our end, we will issue a FULL return on unworn items. You have a timeframe to inform us about the item, so please check our RETURN policy.

Please know we DO NOT offer refunds due to buyer’s remorse (i.e., changed your mind), wrong size or color choice, or incorrect item choice. Therefore, we ask that you check our sizing chart thoroughly (Located under each product – where applicable) before purchasing your item. We will accept returns on a few things for store credit, but please refer to our return policy to see what items they are.


Are purchases made on your website secure?

Yes, most definitely. Always look for the ‘HTTPS’ on any website you purchase to ensure the site is secure. We have taken several preventive measures to ensure your purchases and information are safe. We pay additional monthly fees for extra security beyond the highly regarded hosting company’s security that houses our online shop.  All purchases are made through PayPal OR Stripe. This means all purchases happen directly through their platforms (With our sites linked to them – they are the payment gateway) and not ours.

Can I suggest a product?

Sure, you most certainly can! Send us an email at [email protected], and we will get back to you to discuss things further; if it is a fit, we will make it happen.

How Do The M.C. Digital Gift Cards Work, & are they physically sent?

Our gift cards are delivered virtually/digitally via email to the recipient on the date you select (there is no physical gift card mailed to the recipient). The recipient will have up to one year to ‘use it (or lose it — if the year is up). Please know that there is NO exception to this. You can send the Gift Card to yourself and print out the Gift card for the recipient. However, it is easiest for them to click the link provided when emailed to them directly.

They should check their spam or junk folder if it has not arrived in their primary inbox. And ‘star’ the gift card to get to it quickly when the time to redeem.

Any other questions or concerns:

If there are ANY other questions or concerns we have not addressed, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE to reach out to us HERE. The owner of this online shop (E. Melyuan) believes HEAVILY in GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE, so we assure you we will aim to please if there is a mutual level of respect.

THANK YOU for your time and for considering shopping with us. We know that you could be anywhere on the Internet, so we are grateful for your business!

(As of 8.22.22)